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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the event held?
The event is held at Monona Terrace

Is there a cost for anything?
No, everything is FREE for our honored guests!
What time should guests arrive?
Check-in starts at 5:30 PM.  The first 60-90 minutes is spent connecting with your host, getting ready (hair, makeup, shoe shines, jewelry and flowers), taking photos, and riding in the limo.  The last 60 - 90 minutes is spent walking the red carpet and a fun evening of dancing!
What time does A Night to Remember end?
The event concludes at 8:30 PM.

How do I get my tuxedo?
In partnership with Nedrebos Formal Wear, we offer free tuxedo rentals for our guests. Details are communicated directly with guests

How do I get my dress?
Each year, we host free dress shops for our guests to "shop" and select the perfect dress! We also have seamstresses on hand to take measurements and make sure your selected dress will fit just right! It's all FREE and you get to keep your dress!  Details are communicated directly with guests. 

Should guests come dressed in their
tuxedo or dress on the night of the event? 
Yes, guests should arrive dressed.  We will take care of the rest.     

Are shoes provided?  
We request that you wear your own shoes.

Will the guest attend alone or be partnered with someone?   
Each guest will be partnered with a Host to go with them through the night.  The hosts help each guest know where they are going, provide assistance if needed, and create memories together.  
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