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We need over 400 volunteers for 2022 Night to Remember! We cannot do what we do at Night to Remember without volunteers.  There are various roles before, during and after the event to get involved.  

Host Team
This team will be paired with an Honored Guest for the evening. You will be with your Honored Guest the entire night. Your focus for the night is serving your Honored Guest and making them feel honored and celebrated. Required age for Hosts are 16+.

Dress Shop Teams
BEFORE the event, this team will help guests select a dress for Night to Remember.  Responsibilities include:  welcoming guests, helping guest select dresses to try on, assisting with trying on, and ensuring every guest feels valued and beautiful!  
Set Up / Tear Down Teams
These teams are responsible for setting up and tearing down our Night to Remember spaces, including the styling room (jewelry, hair, makeup, shoe shine, and flowers), ballroom, respite room, and red carpet.

Flower Assembly Team
BEFORE the event, this team will assemble the corsages and boutonnieres for Night to Remember.

Gift Bag Assembly Team
BEFORE the event, this team will assemble the gift bags for our for Honored Guests.

Welcome Team
This team is responsible for helping guests exit their cars at drop off, holding open doors, and welcoming them to Night to Remember!

Logistics Team
This team is responsible for helping to manage the flow of the event, and making sure our Honored Guests, Volunteers, and Family Members know where they are going.
Check In Team
This team is responsible for helping Honored Guests get checked in upon arrival.  

Information Team
This team is stationed throughout the event at our Information Booths and help answer guest and volunteer questions throughout the night. Must have at least 2 years experience volunteering at Night to Remember.

Hair Styling Team 
This team is responsible for styling our Honored Guests hair for the evening. Professional experience is necessary. And we require you to bring your own styling tools.

Makeup Team 
This team is responsible for applying makeup for our female guests. Professional experience is preferred.

Shoe Shine Team 
This team is responsible for shining up our guests shoes so they are ready for the dance floor!  

Jewelry Team 
This team is responsible for helping our female Honored Guests pick out jewelry to complement their gown.

Flower Team 
This team is responsible for helping our Honored Guests pick out (and pin on, if needed) a corsage or boutonniere.

Limo / Traffic Team 
This team is responsible for helping keep everyone safe in the parking lot, helping our Honored Guests enter and exit the limos safely. Must be able to transport guests out of wheelchairs, if needed.

Photography Team 
This team is responsible for photographing our honored guests and the event. Professional experience is preferred. And we require you to bring your own camera and photography supplies.

Respite - Connections Team
This team welcomes parents and caregivers to the Respite Room and provides them with companionship and assistance throughout the evening.  Organizing and distributing door prizes, mingling with parents, preparing activities, praying with families, and ensuring a relaxing and welcoming space.  

Respite - Massage Team
This team will provide chair massages to parents and caregiver guests throughout the evening.  Professional experience is required. 

Respite - Piano Team
This team will work in shifts, provide relaxing, live background music throughout the evening. 

Respite - Nails Team
This team is responsible for mini-manicures for our parents in the respite space. Professional experience is preferred.

Sensory Room Team
This team will manage the sensory room for guests who may be over-stimulated or over-whelmed with other aspects of Night to Remember.  This team will interact with our honored guests by participating in sensory activities to help aid in a calming experience.  Rehabilitation therapy experience is preferred (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy)

Dance Floor Team
This team is responsible for monitoring the activity on the dance floor, helping to keep the energy levels up and the dance party hopping. This team can also assist in fetching snacks or helping ur Honored Guests / Hosts as needed. 

Gift Bag Distribution Team
This team is responsible for distributing the gift bags to our Honored Guests at the end of the evening.

Medical Team
This team is on hand for any medical assistance if a need arises. Certified medical personnel is required (EMT, Nurse, Doctor, etc.).

Paparazzi Team
This team is SO FUN!  We line our red carpet with the paparazzi team so that they can cheer on our Honored Guests as they walk down the red carpet.
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